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Empire Avenue - how to add friends
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Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is a game platform where you earn virtual currency for being social -- the more social you are, the more virtual currency you will earn and the bigger your Empire will become. You'll use that virtual currency to invest in people and brands on our social stock market, reward people for engaging with your content, buy Luxury Items that show off your virtual wealth, and a whole lot more.
As your Empire grows, you'll gain more followers, fans and subscribers - Empire Avenue's built-in game mechanics encourage and reward social interaction across the web in a fun environment. Drive traffic to your web page, Twitter profile, Facebook Page, YouTube channel - anything that's important to you. You'll also get insights into how your social networking is helping you grow your online Empire!

What are you waiting for? Start building your Empire today!

Empire Avenue for Business

Empire Avenue uses game mechanics built upon a virtual economy to drive engagement across the web. Just by being active on Empire Avenue, you can build strong value-driven relationships with fans and potential customers, which are deeper than just having someone follow you on Twitter or Like you on Facebook - though you will get more followers and Likes by tapping into Empire Avenue's socially-driven economy.
Use Empire Avenue to find highly engaged individuals around the world across a wide variety of interests, and leverage Empire Avenue Missions to drive engagement and awareness of upcoming product launches, new web properties or anything else you want to promote. It's a great way to get your brand in front of new, social media-savvy audiences and connect with relevant customers in a fun environment across 150+ countries.
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