Leadership and Communication Training in Dubai

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Leadership and Communication
Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  • Discover breakthrough leadership and communication techniques for driving business value and becoming more powerful leaders.
  • Master best practices for influencing peers, managers, subordinates, customers and other stakeholders.
  • Become more effective at handling specific challenges, from delivering unpopular news to increasing team motivation.
  • Communicate confidently in any environment, from spontaneous elevator pitches to high-stakes reports and proposals.
  • Make the most of today's electronic communication tools.
  • Deliver powerful messages that win hearts and minds and lead rapidly to action.
This program is designed for:
Leaders interested in developing superior leadership and communication skills to achieve greater success at all levels of their organization. This program is worth 25 NASBA CPEs.

Program Outline
Preparing and Organizing Thoughts and Messages
  • Organizing Ideas Using Mind Mapping
  • Knowing your Message's Desired Outcomes
  • Tailoring a Message for your Intended Audience
  • Picking the Right Channels through Which to Send Your Message
  • Perfecting your Message Using the K.I.S.S.S.S. Principle
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming and the Power of the Senses
  • Discovering Learning Styles through Brain Analysis
Earn Credibility as a Leader
  • Identifying the Characteristics of a Credible Leader
  • Demonstrating Caring, Character and Competence in Challenging Situations
  • Establishing Your Credibility Firmly
  • Persuading, Negotiating and Influencing Skills
  • Practical Exercises and Roleplays
Winning Hearts and Minds of People
  • Creating a Logical Train of Thought to Persuade
  • Creating a Persuasive Message that Evokes the Right Emotions
  • Reframing a Message from Negative to Positive
  • Adjusting Your Message to Accommodate the Audience's Needs, Wants and Style
Building Consensus, Commitment and Cooperation
  • Crafting Messages to Champion Change
  • Identifying Techniques for Building Consensus in Anticipation of Resistance
  • Describing How to Secure Commitment and Cooperation through Change Initiatives
  • Practical Cases and Scenarios
Getting Results in the Face of Resistance
  • Managing and Handling Resistance
  • Effective Conflict Resolution Styles for Handling Resistance
  • Mediating a Hostile Dispute
  • Anger Management Techniques
  • Practical Exercises and Roleplays
Trends and Strategies for the Effective Leader and Communicator
  • The Social Media Revolution and its Effective Reach
  • From Social Media to Social CRM
  • The Integration of Social Networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in the Schedule and Lives of Leaders
  • Effective Communication and Networking on the Web
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  1. Hi Rami,

    Very interesting program you have here! It reminds me of the management and leadership programs I went through to take my bachelor degree ;) Thanks for the EAv Mission :)

    Remi Vladuceanu

  2. Very powerful leadership and communication training in 4 days. Specially touching on powerful concepts and technology such as NLP and social media, and much much more. A must for every leader to be equipped to lead today's followers.

  3. Great material... I would happily recommend my Middle East clients to use your services

  4. Straightforward instruction in the fundamentals of persuasion with clear end goals is much appreciated in this world glutted with information-handling cacophony. Your approach is beautiful music to my ears!

  5. Thank you so much for this post. Very clear.

  6. I know plenty of folks who need help in how to learn to deliver bad news while maintaining motivation :)

  7. What a great program. So many new ways to influence. Would make it worth a trip to Dubai!


  9. So refreshing to find a quality post like this one!

  10. this program is a great investment for corporations who want to stay on top of their game

  11. A great course for of excellent content!!


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