Adapt to change with agility and resilience #leadership #management

VIF Training & Courses Dubai | Virginia Institute of Finance: "Adapt to change with agility and resilience"

The ability of an organization to perform in new ambiguous situations by learning and adapting when confronted with unforeseen circumstances is in high demand these days. Therefore, enterprise agility and resilience coupled with leadership agility and resilience will be the ultimate success formula in the days ahead.

By the end of the course, part icipants will b e able to:
  • Work with agility and resilience
  • Adapt to change with agility and resilience
  • Lead and develop rapid response mechanisms
  • Use agile communication strategies to lead and drive change
  • Strategize to enhance agility and resilience in themselves and their organizations
  • Describe the neurology of resilience in the brain
  • Develop a plan in accordance with the assessment of their resilience

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